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Mike Mareen was born in Berlin and grew up in Lüneburg, Germany.

He gathered his first musical experience as a drummer for the band "Cementery Institution", including shows at the legendary Star-Club in Hamburg, Germany. Eager for travel he went around the world looking for his own musical style.

Among other things he stayed for several years in America as a vocalist for various American groups. Returned home, he took acting and piano lessons in order to enlarge his artistic skill. Through his extravagant live show he became overnight one of the most wanted live show acts in Europe.

In 1982 he founded Night 'n' Day Records, his own record label. The major goal was - and is - to help young artists gain a foothold in the music business.

In 1984/85 Mike realized "Dance Control" publish 1985 a co-production with Chris Evans-Ironside called "Dancing In The Dark", which became a N° 1 hit in 27 countries around the world. Sold out show events, e.g. in Mexico City in front of an audience of 50.000 are a evidence for this.

In 1986, "Love Spy" was his final breakthrough by which Mike Mareen established himself in the international music business as the "Italo-Disco-King".

Until that time no other artist from "old Germany" had managed to unite more than 3.000 fans at his place of arrival (Mexico). By this time all artists performing this musical style were compared to Mike Mareen.

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